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Our Services

We pride ourselves on rapid Design and Build


Over the years Haiden Technology has developed skills, procedures and experience to help customers achieve a successful project outcome

We can offer a range of services from consultation to turn-key projects:

Data Logging Rack



Electronic Loadbank



Equipment for field use in harsh environments


Mobile and fixed Test Rigs




The equipment we design and sytems build tend to be specific to a clients requirments and and we specialise in one off projects rangine from bench type electronic test fixtures to fully able "off the shelf" because it tends to be manufactured specifically for a client and there is not "standard product" as such


  • Analogue & Digital Electronic Circuit Design and Build
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • System Integration
  • Data Acquisition and Control Solutions
  • Test Rig Design and Build
  • Consultation and Training

Our Pricing

We pride ourselves on the ability to combine a straight forward approach, with a commitment to deliver innovative design that cuts machine downtime, whilst still maintaining ease of use and functionality. We offer a complete concept to final product service.

The price we quote is the price you will pay, we do not believe in hidden extras