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Labview software design

LabVIEW itself is a software development environment that contains numerous components, several of which are required for any type of test, measurement, or control application.

Labview projects undertaken

Over the last 16 years we have undertaken various turnkey contracts involving the application of our software programs written in Labview. These have ranged from operator programs to control combustion engines with both manual and automated test to process control and monitoring.


Features of a few of these programs are:-

Operator programs written in Labview to test specific models of engine whilst communicating with engines ECU to both control and log its functions. Communications links in these instances are serial and tend to be CAN bus although ECU’s using RS232 / RS422 are also catered for.
Control and log data external to the engines systems using our in-house designed and built engine test rigs fitted with additional sensors and data logging equipment. These sensors monitor a range of signals such as temperature, pressure and flow. The sensor ranges selected being client dependant and vary for a given design.

Testing of alternator or starter generators fitted to engine from loads of 200 Watts to 10kW at voltages from 12 Volts to 200 Volts DC.

Oil flow and pressure monitoring for systems ranging from 5cc/min to 200 litres/minute

Automated check and setting of Carburettors flow and idle settings

Process monitoring of equipment for precision setting of bearings whilst logging results and dynamically producing setting values. Gathering of data from several machines to display live data for manufacturing output and quality analysis.

Haiden Technology has the background and facilities to provide an entire package of; software, hardware, integration and support which is tailored to your needs. Our background is in Electrical, Electronic & Mechanical engineering so when we apply Labview to a solution for you we understand the range of complexty for interfacing software into the 'real world'.

We take pride in understanding your business objectives, to ensure that you achieve return on your investment. Our company has considerable experience in ‘one-off’ design and build projects which makes up a large proportion of our work with the balance being repeat test equipment production.