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Electronic Loads up to 10KW

Forming part of an engine test our client required the ability to put a continuously variable load on the DC generators fitted to their engines.
The problem they had with existing electronic loads was that they were designed for use in a laboratory environment and short duration at their rated full load.


Key Features

  • Capable of continuous operation at full load for extended periods.
  • Typically these can be for periods of up to 4 hours during an engines 250 hour endurance test.
  • Rapid step change of load.
  • 0-5V input for load control.
  • Analogue voltage out for remote current and voltage monitoring.
  • Closed loop control of operator demand to ensure load remains constant irrespective of engine RPM change.
  • Under voltage lockout to prevent damage to engines generator.
  • 28V excitation provision for conventional alternators.